More Reader Reviews

i am twelve years old i hate reading but when my dad bought me these
books i started reading like a maniac i even got my friends to read them and
they love them as well !!

- Mario


My friends and I love the Conspiracy 365 books and are trying to work out the
Ormond Riddle as well.

- Olivia


love the books

love the series

love the web page

- Michael


They are the most amazing books ive ever read and I think they will be the best I will
ever read. My friend thinks the books are small but I constantly tell him the amazing
thrill you can feel in just minutes.

- Robert


I think that Conspiracy 365 is by far the best books i have ever read!! (and trust me,
i have read a LOT of books.) They are so action packed, with thrill in every page. If i had
to read this book for school, and do comprehension about it, i would think that school is
the best thing ever invented! I have introduced these books into my class, and i'm trying to
get all my friends to read them. CONSPIRACY 365 ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!

- Zach


I never ever read a better series of books in my life.

- Jack


I used to never read and then when mum bought me the book I could not put it down,
I love the book and I have got the whole class reading it.

- Emma


I love them so much, I stay up wayyy too late reading

- Claire


I love reading the series conspiracy 365. I never use to read but ever since the start of the
series came out I have been reading every day. I like how there is heaps of action that
doesn’t want you to put the book down.

- Will 


I am eleven and I am not really one of those kids who sit down and read my head off
every five minutes, I am one of those kids who play Xbox all the time but my mum
brought me this book last week and I wont put it down. I love it is so interesting and
you just want to know what’s going to happen next.

- Josh  


I absolutely love this book. I took less than a week to read the book, that is how
much I love the book.

- Cara


most books i've read are pretty average when conspiracy 365 came along and changed
everything! thank you so much for these books!!

- Ethan


This series is the best. I don't often read but this series made me keep reading.
I went to the football but i only read the book during the time.

- Trent


I recon this series is as good as Harry Potter. It's awesome! Anyway, can you
please make it into a movie!

- Jack


They are great books that I can't put them down even at bedtime.
I'm trying to read the whole series before the year is out.
They are entertaining and they are the best books in the world.

- Fuzzybear